Clinic Services

Physical Therapy Solutions provides therapy services for a variety of conditions including, but not limited to:

 Orthopedic and Sports Rehab

Post-Surgical Therapy


Other Conditions We Treat


Treatment Options We Provide

*This is not an exhaustive list of conditions or treatment methods we offer--please contact us with questions on your specific condition & how we can help!

Physical Therapy Solutions also offers an equipment loaner program to members of the communities we serve.

We gladly accept and loan out gently used equipment including, but not limited to:

Therapy Equipment

  •    Walkers
  •    Canes
  •    Crutches
  •    Toilet risers
  •    Shoulder slings
  •    Ankle / Walking boots
  •    Knees braces
  •    Sock aids / reachers
  •    Foam rollers

Exercise Equipment

  •    Dumbbells
  •    Ankle / Wrist weights
  •    Resistance bands
  •    Exercise balls
  •    Treadmills
  •    Ellipticals
  •    Stair steppers
  •    Stationary bikes

Please contact us regarding our loaner program if you have equipment you'd like to donate or if you're in need of any equipment we have available. We're happy to provide this no-cost service in our community during your time of need.